Timely Customer Connect with Right Analytics

Key to grow your Business

by Isha Lall | Jul 08, 2020

Customer journeys are more varied and distinct than ever with the rise of new digital technologies & mobile and online shopping. Today’s consumers expect brands to anticipate their needs.

How as a brand are you growing?

Are you there with useful information at the right moment, every time?

Do you have the right tools to understand fast-paced consumer journey and non-linear trends?

Are you tapping in the right data to deliver a personalized and relevant experience to your customer?

Engage customers, how?

Insights, the right technology, and the right moment are all you need to engage your customers.

With CYNTRA’s LIV REPORTING App, you can

  • CONNECT your SYSTEM: Integrate platforms and uncover store deeper insights for all our business lines. Have access to real-time data
  • HAVE access to REAL-TIME DATA: Make informed decisions, conduct experiments to discover new business value, and map critical marketing metrics and dashboards to support decisions.
  • SHARE INSIGHTS: The enhanced measurement and data access capabilities in ‘Liv Reporting’ analytics offer a clear and specific understanding of your business performance. You can make reporting and insights available to your teams so more people can take thoughtful actions.

Smart Benefit with LIV REPORTING

With LIV REPORTING, there’s a smarter benefit of bringing analytics & promotions together; the direct and actionable steps you can take to improve business outcomes.